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The hardest hole.

It just gets harder and harder - and narrower!


A Magnificent Golf Hole


Par 4

396 metres

Index 1


Par 5

400 metres

Index 2


The hardest hole - Index 1.

You tee-off over a rise so the target area is blind. The middle of the opening is good. Right you will run down the slope into the rough. A little left is still good.

If you slice, make it a good one so you will be on the 12th fairway and not behind a tree.

If you hook or do a hard pull left you may not find your ball, or you may hit the row of low cypress trees on the left and go anywhere.

The second shot brings the out of bounds left into play, and because the fairway narrows towards the green, a lot more trees on the right come into play.

The average golfer will be playing something like a wedge to the green for a third shot. The long hitters will be aiming at the green with their second.

The green is tight. Out of bounds fence on the left, shrubs against the fence, rubbish if you’re long, and a very mean bush just short and right.

The green slopes significantly from left to right. Unless the green is soft, your approach shot will probably roll well to the right and, in summer, off the green.

Hole 6