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A solid straightaway Par 5

Just don’t chuck in a heavy draw!


Dogleg Left Par 5


Par 5

439 metres

Index 11


Par 5

343 metres

Index 4


Drive middle to right of the fairway. If you’re slightly left you may be behind small trees. If you pull, you may run down the race track, while a hook will get you into real rubbish behind the disused green and left of the race track. If you fade the drive, you may be behind a tree on the right. A slice can be alright as you will be on the 10th fairway. If you drive over 200 m, you really don’t want a big draw, or a big hook, or a big pull, because long and left the race track fence is OOB and you won’t find you ball. Play the second shot for the gap in the race track rails. Don’t go left into the dam or the various other unkempt rubbish on the left. To the right and short of the green is GUR. The third shot should be a straightforward pitching wedge. However, if you are on the left of the fairway, watch out for the over-hanging red gum on the left - it seems to always catch the ball. The green looks flat enough, but the ball usually wants to break to the right.

Hole 9