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Another one of those greens!

Really better to be short right than long left.


Beautiful Par 3


Par 3

166 metres

Index 4


Par 3

120 metres

Index 11


Par 3 - but it’s Index 4 - so it’s not easy. The green slopes significantly from back left down to front right. Best position is below the hole, even to the point of being of the green front-left. Drive left or long and you are chipping onto a downslope, and it is very difficult to stop it running off to the right. In summer, you just can’t stop it. A pull or hook left gets you into the cypress trees or beyond. If you are lucky you might bounce out into the GUR drain on the left and get a drop. A block or slice short right gets into cypress tees. A longer slice might get past the cypress trees. The green has a flattish spot back left and it is not uncommon to find the pin in this area. Be brave and pitch well up, or you may roll back a long way, and even off the green - not fair!

Hole 5