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Straight-forward Par 3.

Designed to get you to come back!


Excellent Par 3 to Finish


Par 3

150 metres

Index 14


Par 3

140 metres

Index 17


A nice Par 3 to finish your round. Designed to bring you back!

For some reason, a lot of players pull the ball left. This ends up hitting the row of trees just over the race track, and going anywhere including burying itself into the agapanthus patch next to the 10th tee.

Just aim a high ball for the middle of the green. It slopes from back to front, so you can expect the ball to pull up quickly.

If you block or slice your tee shot, you can end up under or behind a number of trees between the 18th and the 1st fairways, making your pich or chip difficult.

If you’re going to miss the green, left is much better than right.

Don’t go through the green by any distance, or you’ll be OOB.

Hole 18