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One of the easier holes - Index 16.

But don’t pull it left!


Wrong Side of the Track


Par 4

291 metres

Index 16


Par 4

276 metres

Index 8

The green is out of view behind a bend of the racetrack. The fairway runs down the left side of the racetrack. A good straight drive will fly the racetrack and land on the right of the fairway, running to centre-left. The best shaped drive is a long controlled fade. Many straight drives end up on the racetrack which, during racing season, is compulsory GUR and you may have to drop to the right of the track. A slice will end up on the racetrack, or in the rough between the 13th fairway and the racetrack. A duck hook will be out of bounds. Even a strong draw may find the OOB. Any sort of a draw will probably run into the trees on the left. The second shot is relatively easy from the fairway, but a grassy mound in front of the green will catch a running shot.

Hole 3