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Numbers were up for the July Monthly Medal on Saturday despite very low temperatures.   

The winner with a very commendable score was Cameron Nicholls with 90(23)67, and  the runner-up was John Norfolk who had 87(14)70.      

The ladies winner was Marg Fahey on 89(14)73.   

Nearest the pin on the 7th was Mark Robinson, on the 12th Rod Taylor, a welcome visitor from Yering Meadows and on the 18th Brad Newton.     Peter Fahey had the fewest putts with 30 on a count back from who but Bob Dodge our putting champion.    

Brad Newton was the enbtire ball run down.      

Another sunny day for the Stableford round on Tuesday.   The winner, still making good use of his new clubs, was Peter Vallance with 39 points, and the runner-up was Pat Buckett on 35 points. Nearest the pin on the 17th was Pat Buckett.   

The ladies were not so lucky with the weather for their Ambrose round on Wednesday, with little sun and back to very low temperatures.       

Congratulations to the winning team of Deb Richardson, Anne Gunton and Helen Wilson with a score of 85(143/4)701/2.  

Nearest the pin on the 7th were Deb Richardson, Anne Gunton and Helen Wilson and on the 18th Marg Fahey, Kay Dumbleton and Elizabeth Goss.  

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