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Another Long Par 4.

It’s easy - just fairly long.


Long Straight Par 4


Par 4

389 metres

Index 3


Par 5

384 metres

Index 12


This should be a long but otherwise easy hole. A good drive down the middle may run off into the light rough. A bit to the right and the big red gums will grab the ball. You can be way right and be ok out on the 8th fairway. If you pull or hook, you may end up in some serious rubbish. If you can land a high second shot on the green with a touch of backspin, you’re laughing. Otherwise, if you expect to land short and run on,  your second shot should be to the right of the centre of the green to allow for both the fairway and the green sloping right to left. There’s a good chance you’ll roll off the green back left. Don’t pull wildly or put in a duck hook, or you’ll be in the dam on the left, and it’s very deep. If you aren’t on for two, you’re pitching or chipping. Aim right of centre to allow the ball to roll left.

Hole 11