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A solid straightaway Par 5

Just don’t chuck in a heavy draw!


A Worthy Par 5


Par 5

463 metres

Index 6


Par 5

408 metres

Index 3


Straightforward Par 5 that gets tougher towards the green. Drive for the middle of the fairway. If you pull or hook you will either be on the racetrack (sometimes GUR, sometimes play-as-it-lies) or in the Lateral Water Hazard left of the racetrack. A draw may get you behind some smallish gums on the left of the fairway. If you slice, you will end up on the 11th fairway and may have to play through some big river red gums. A fade just means being in the light rough. Your second shot is over the racetrack as it swings across to the right. Go left and the troubles are the same as for a pulled or hooked drive. Go right and you may have a lot of trees between you and the green. The third shot is pitching into an upsloping green. On the left is Out of Bounds. On the right short is a mess of trees, and a bit longer there are nasty bushes. Extra long may also bound Out of Bounds.

Hole 8