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Alexandra Golf Club

Monday - Ladies Short Course

The Ladies run a 9, 10, 11 or 12 hole competition every Monday .

No handicap needed. Beginners welcome. Check the Home Page slider for start times.

Tuesday - Mc Nair’s Army (Men’s Day)

18-hole Men’s event (see the schedule on the Home Page Notice-Board)

Names in by 11:30 AM for a 12:00 noon hit-off.

Wednesday - Ladies Day

Starting times vary throughout the year.

Check the slider on the Home Page for up to date information.


Thursday - Chook Run

During Daylight Saving Time, we run an evening 9-hole chook-run.

A stroke event. Followed by a barbeque meal.

Everyone welcome - no handicap needed or required.

Names in by 5:00 PM for a 5:00 -5:30 PM hit-off.

Saturday - Men’s Day

18-hole men’s event, generally individual play (Stroke, Stableford, Par). Ladies may also play, and have their own competition.

Names in by 11:30 AM for a 12:00 noon hit-off.

Sundays - Family Day (or Public Holidays)

Maybe once a month we have a mixed family day, playing 4BBB Stableford, 3-person Ambrose, etc. Names in by 11:30 AM for a 12:00 noon hit-off.

Alex Men’s 2018 Syllabus

Draft Printable (pdf) version

Dalhousie Men’s Syllabus

Printable (pdf) version

2018 Veterans Syllabus

Printable (pdf) version

2018 Alex Ladies Syllabus

Printable (pdf) version

2018 Dalhousie Ladies Syllabus

Printable (pdf) version



Check the Home Page Slider for all the most up to date

   information on dates and times for our competitions