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The easiest hole on the course - according to the hole’s index. You be the judge!


Big dogleg left around a massive River Red Gum tree which dominates the dogleg corner at about 160m. Ideally, you should hit a slow draw to land at 180 metres.The hero shot is 240m high and left of the big redgum. There are lots of trees and bushes on the left. Some of these before the red gum are not at all nice. If you clear these and are slightly left of the red gum, you may have a reasonable shot at the green from the trees. A fade of mild slice will end up in the scattered trees on the right. A big slice and there will be plenty of small trees in front of you. Long and straight or long and right ends up on or over the racetrack. A bad hook gets you OOB on the left. A little bit long over the green also gets you OOB.

Dogleg Left


Par 4

286 metres

Index 18


Par 4

277 metres

Index 13


Hole 1