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Water on the left, and a big Red Gum on the right!


Straight Par 4


Par 4

310 metres

Index 13


Par 4

303 metres

Index 10


Short straight Par 4.

Your drive should be straight down the middle. Maybe a bit of a fade would be good. You don’t want to pull or draw. A draw will get you behind the big river red gum about 80 m from the green. A hook will end up in the first dam on the left.  A very long hook or very long draw will end up in the second dam.

A bit to the right and you will hit the big river red gum. A fade gets the same result. A slice could miss the big tree and end up amongst various small trees and shrubs.

The second shot should be ok unless you are too far left, in which case you must bend it around the big red gum on the left of the fairway.

The green slopes from front to back, and right to left. A pitch or chip should be aimed a bit to the right of centre, to allow for the run to the left. Short of the pin is better than long.

Hole 16