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Get a nearest-the-pin here and you’ve done very well!


The domed green makes it very difficult to stop a running shot on the green. A long high on-centre shot landing on the up-slope with a bit of backspin is ideal. Straight is good - as always. Top the ball and you’re in the water hazard, which at the left hand end, is essentially unplayable. Slice the ball badly or long and you are in the dam on the right (lateral water hazard) - and its quite deep! If you pull the ball, you may well hit the big redgum on the left. If you miss the redgum left and long you may be out of bounds over the racetrack. Even a long hook right of the redgum may be out of bounds over the racetrack.

Turkey Nest Green


Par 3

165 metres

Index 8


Par 3

150 metres

Index 15


Hole 2