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Don’t block it right. You might take three unplayable drops to get out of the bushes!


Crooked Par 4


Par 4

335 metres

Index 12


Par 4

266 metres

Index 16

You tee-off between the trees and the temptation is to go left. But its best to aim for the middle with a slight fade to set up your next shot. A block right will hit the trees. Anything low and right is bad. A big slice ends up on the race track or somewhere behind the 3rd green and possibly in a mess. A draw gets you into trees on the left, and a hook can result in being under a big bush without a shot. Sounds easy!

If you do bend it a bit to the right of the tee, the approach to the green is very  straightforward, otherwise you will be hitting over or around trees, bushes, and shrubs. Don’t go through the back of the green into the dam.

Hole 13