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Long Par 4.

Looks straightforward.

It’s just hard!


Dogleg Right Around Trees


Par 4

400 metres

Index 2


Par 4

336 metres

Index 1


Difficult. Index 2. A good drive is close to and left of the big red gums on the right. Its best if you can fade the drive around the red gums. Long and left (and even long and straight) you run through the corner of the dogleg into the light rough and perhaps behind a smallish tree. A pull or hook and you will be on the practice area or worse. If you block it right or slice, make it a good one, to miss the red gums. Some people deliberately play for the right of the red gums, but if you do, you need to miss the big red gum just off the tee to the right - or you’ll end up anywhere. The second shot is straight for the green, through the gap in the race track fence. Send it left and you could be behind one of many trees and bushes. Send it right and you may find the big red gum short of the green. The third shot should be a straightforward pitch or wedge. The green slopes from back to front, so try and be below the hole.

Hole 10