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The green will defeat you unless you are short and left!


Short Par 4 Bending Right


Par 4

301 metres

Index 7


Par 4

289 metres

Index 6

The only water carry on the course - all 30 metres of it, but it catches a topped ball.

The best drive takes on the left hand edge of the river red gums on the right. If you hit them, you may well drop into the lateral water hazard running alongside  the vehicle track. A big slice gets you out onto the 15th fairway, but its all light rough at that point.

Drive left or draw and you will be in the light rough on the left, with various bushes and trees to contend with.

A big hook gets you back onto the 13th fairway or even way over it., And the next shot is over trees near the green.

The slightly elevated green slopes back right to front left. If you expect to run a bit when you hit the green, aim for the front and right of the flag.

Hole 14