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You Can’t Really See It.

Throw it high, or let it run - and hope.


A Half-Blind Par 3


Par 3

130 metres

Index 15


Par 3

125 metres

Index 18


Short Par 3. If you hit a very high short iron this distance, you are laughing. Everyone else can expect some difficulty holding the green. The green is in a shallow hollow that opens on the left. There is a mound across the front of the green. Hit short and you will land in the shallow valley running right to left in front of the green. You may trickle on. Hit the green with much forward momentum and your ball will not stop. Left of the green is not bad, but not too far left or you may bounce off to anywhere. Right of the green is a lot of trees and rubbish. The left hand side of the fairway is a Lateral Water Hazard, and is not nice.

Hole 7