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As straight as the adjoining high country bike trail:-

Just don’t put you ball on it!


Devilish Green in Summer


Par 4

303 metres

Index 5


Par 4

288 metres

Index 7


Looks easy - medium length par 4 - dead straight. The left hand boundary is out of bounds; hit the big gums on the left (out to about 140m), and there’s a good chance you will be hitting a second ball. Medium long and left and you may be under a cypress tree. Left and longer, you may be in the trees or roll out of bounds behind the trees. Anything off the fairway right brings the big gum short right of the green into play. The ideal drive is long, right-centre of the fairway, and let it roll left of centre for an open shot at the green. The green has a considerable slope from back to front. You do not want to be putting down (or even across) the slope.

Hole 4