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Second easiest hole.

Slight bend to the right. A long draw is not a good idea.


Bending Right Par 4


Par 4

280 metres

Index 17


Par 4

260 metres

Index 14


Short Par 4 that bends to the right.

You should drive right of the middle of the fairway. Down the middle with a fade is ideal. If you are long and straight aim for the right edge of the fairway.

Long and left and you will run behing a series of big red gums, from where you may not be able to see the green. A pull or hook and you are definitely behind the red gums, with a couple of gaps to pitch through.

A big fade is generally ok, with a second shot out of and over several smallish trees on the right. A big slice might hit the big red gum about 80m from the tee. If you miss that one, there are more red gums waiting. If you miss them all, you could be back on the 16th fairway, and have to hit through the red gums and over small trees and the garden short and right of the green.

The green slopes from back to front and left to right, but it is fairly friendly putting from anywhere.

Hole 17